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There's No Place Like Home... For Sex Education

Below you will find age-specific “chapters” that provide practical information about talking to your children about sex. The chapters are also combined into a printed, spiral-bound book, which is available for you to order. This book was authored by Mary Gossart, Vice President of Education & Training, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon, Adaptation for American Indians by Jacqueline Sequoia, MPH (Cherokee/Creek/Oconee) and illustrations by Kathleen Brewer (San Carlos Apache).Print/Download the English version of the book (PDF)


Age/Grade Chapter Title
  About this version: Adaptation for American Indians
Age 3 It is never too early... start your 3 year old on a path to healthy sexual attitudes
Age 4 A four year old learns by asking questions... LOTS of them!
Age 5 Kids need to know... parents need to tell them
Grade 1 Opening the door to honest communication... let's talk!
Grade 2 Second grade means harder questions... important answers
Grade 3 Sex education: a question of when and by whom
Grade 4 Growing up fast... keeping attitudes about sexuality on a healthy path
Grade 5 A time of transition - puberty has begun
Grade 6 Keep it open, positive and real
Grade 7 Emotional roller coasters, boyfriends/girlfriends, lots of worries
Grade 8 Already a teenager... rebellion, turmoil and what you don't know
Grade 9 They have important questions... can they come to you for honest answers?
Grade 10 Talking to teens... ASK questions... but don't forget to listen too
Grade 11 Big issues for your teen... share your wisdom
Grade 12 Values, family, and respect